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№ 2019/1

Market: forecast and conjuncture

OSIPOV Volodymyr 1, NIEKRASOVA Liubov 2

1Institute of Market Problems and Economic and Environmental Research
2Odesa National Polytechnic University

Assessing the competitiveness of a wine-making enterprise as a management tool for its development

Economy and forecasting 2019; 1:105-123https://doi.org/10.15407/econforecast2019.01.105


The article reveals the essence of the authors' approach and methodical tools of assessment of competitiveness of the enterprise on a certain phase of its economic development taking into account a complex of indicators characterizing all activities of the enterprise and determine the level of its competitiveness.
Authors generalize the methodical approaches to assessing the enterprise's competi-tiveness. The proposed combination of integral and matrix approaches significantly expands methodical opportunities of such an assessment, and allows to prove more deeply the structure of management decisions on ensuring the enterprise's development. Analyzed the current condition of Ukraine's the wine-making industry, including the factors restraining its development and prerequisites for future growth.
The article provides results of the approbation of methodical tools on the example of five wine-making enterprises in Odessa and Mykolaiv regions. Based on the data of expert analysis and financial statements, the authors construct the profiles of the enterprises' competitive advantages and estimate their potential by the following elements: "production, distribution and sale", "organizational structure and management", "marketing" and "finance".
A calculation of individual indicators of products' competitiveness is made by a differential method, defined the rated values of economic indicators, and calculated the integrated indicator of competitiveness. Combining the assessment of competitiveness and life cycle stage allows displaying the position of each of the wine-making enterprises of Odessa region in the matrix of integrated assessment of the level of competitiveness and suggesting a development trajectory. Revealed the reserves and developed corresponding recommendations on the behavior of the wine-making enterprises and necessary organizational changes to raise the development stability and competitiveness.

Keywords: development strategy, assessment of competitiveness of the wine-making enterprise, product competitiveness, ADL model, the square of competitive opportunities, competitive advantages

JEL: D22, L66, O21

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