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Economy and forecasting 2022; 1:5-5


As we prepared this issue of the journal for publication, the war began. In articles published last year and early this year and in those reviewed, the researchers presented the results of research on a completely peaceful life - there was room for appropriate criticism, warnings and suggestions for improvement. At present, it is unusual to read them under the bombings that brought Ukraine to another reality, but these articles do not lose their research value, so deciding to continue - despite the very difficult time - the journal, the editorial board decided that these articles should be published.
Before publishing their articles, some authors decided to add postscripts to them, outlining the prospects for further research or the implementation of certain recommendations in view of the radically changed situation, or expressing the need to return to the research topic after the war on a new basis.
In March, scientists from the Institute for Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, which publishes the journal Economics and Forecasting, conducted a study to estimate the losses from the treacherous military invasion in our country. This collective paper is published under the new heading - \\\"War Economy\\\".
When guns fire, scientists must not be silent. They also have \\\"weapons\\\" - analytics, calculations, in-depth predictions, and forecasts that will lay the prospects for victory and the basis for the country\\\'s reconstruction. And we believe that life will overcome death and light will overcome darkness.
We invite scientists who conduct research on topics covered by our journal, such as strategic forecasts on the development prospects of economy, science, technology; economic-mathematical methods and forecasting models; research on market conditions, structural changes, and socio-economic dynamics; and problems of innovative transformations and prospects for innovative and investment based development - to send your articles, in particular, with an emphasis on the war conditions and prospects for economic reconstruction. At the first opportunity, we will try to release issues and fulfill our obligations to subscribers.



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