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№ 2020/1

Creative discussions on issues of social development

POPOVA Ol'ha Leontiivna1

1State Institution "Institute for Economics and Forecasting, NAS of Ukraine"

Inclusive development: a new concept or an update of the sustainable development concept?

Economy and forecasting 2020; 1:112-123https://doi.org/10.15407/econforecast2020.01.112


The article substantiates that the concept of inclusive development was formed in the process of evolution of the concept of sustainable development, which remains dominant for civilizational development in the 21st century. The transition to the sustainable development model is permanent process; while its versions change as certain its components are set as priorities (economy, ecology, or social sphere). The goals of achieving equality and social justice were declared in the concept of sustainable development. The concept of inclusive development renews and enhances the socio-economic dimension of sustainable development. Inclusion is an area of compromise between the social and economic spheres of sustainable development. In addition to these areas, ecology, territorial inclusion, and inclusiveness between present and future generations should also be implemented.
Inclusive economic development is progress that benefits the whole population, so that everybody, thanks to active participation in social processes, enjoys benefits in various areas of his or her life. Creating conditions of solidarity, equal opportunities, access to resources, etc. is an important element of sustainable development strategies for all people. Appropriate institutions are a necessary but insufficient criterion for inclusion, as they should be matched by the behavior of every person in society. It is therefore important to create an environment of tolerance and solidarity for inclusion.
Summarized key principles and international benchmarks for inclusive development. Modern strategies in the context of inclusive development are presented, which are developed and implemented in various countries: building a harmonious society (China), equal living conditions in the city and countryside (Germany), and enhancing corporate social responsibility of large business entities (France).
Despite the obvious prevalence of positive effects, some ambiguities of inclusion are emphasized. As a means of providing access and development opportunities for citizens, including their broader involvement in economic activity, inclusion is quite costly, but one cannot disagree with the conclusion that the cost of exclusion and lost profits is even higher.
The publication was prepared for the implementation of the R&D on \"Inclusive Rural Development in Ukraine\" (state registration No 0117U005465).

Keywords:inclusive development, the concept of sustainable development, social inclusion, economic inclusion, strategies for inclusive development, inclusive society

JEL: A13, B52, D63

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